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January 8, 2018

October 4, 2017

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Norway Covers

October 4, 2017

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Questions about working on a cruise ship? Answered!

June 6, 2018



We recently put out a social media post asking if you have any questions about working on a cruise ship. Here are your answers! If anyone else has anymore questions be sure to comment below and we will answer those too! 





1. Which country haven’t you visited that you would like to!?!

We have never been to New Zealand and we would love to go. It’s on the bucket list. There and Alaska!

2. Do you have to dress up every time you perform? Ballgowns etc.

It all depends which cruise liner you are on. Some ships have a very strict dress code and it’s formal every evening. On the 6 star lines this does mean prom like dresses and suits every night. On other lines however, during a one week cruise you will usually have around 3 formal nights. The other nights it is smart casual.

3. If you could go back to one place (city) where would you go and why?

I really enjoyed South East Asia and would love to go back and explore more of Thailand especially. We didn’t spend a great deal of time in Canada so it would be good to go back there. There are so many places we loved it’s hard to pick just one!

4. How do you decide which songs to perform? Does the employer have suggestions or can you choose your own favourites? Do you take requests from the audience whilst performing?

We have a large repertoire of songs covering loads of genres and styles which we choose ourselves. We take requests every night. If we sort of know them we will just wing them and hope for the best! If we don’t know the songs we will go away and learn them as homework :-)

5. What is your favourite song to perform?

Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen

6. What's your cabin like?

Cabins differ from ship to ship, on certain lines your cabin may be very different to another. Our current cabin is on deck 4 and we are very lucky to have two portholes and a giant bed! Anyone who works on ships will understand just how lucky we are to have windows!

7. Do you get free board included or do you have to pay for everything yourselves?

Whilst you work in board, for every department, everything is included. The only thing you pay for are drinks and additional shop items, or food at the exclusive restaurants. Again though it depends on the line, some lines even your drinks are included.

8. What is the strangest song you’ve been asked to play

Oddly, a wedding song for one couple by Luther Van Ross. We had never heard it before but learnt it for the special couple.

9. Do people who work on board share the dining experience of cruising?

It all depends what line you are on and what status you are in terms of your job.
We can eat in all the restaurants if we want to and we often play in the exclusive restaurants on board (then they feed us after!!) Food on board is a great feature when you are on holiday but when you work on ships the novelty wears off. Also you are very conscious that you don’t want to eat everything that’s yummy in fear that we have to be rolled off at the end of your contract!

10. Is it hard to leave all your family and friends for so long?

When we first started performing on cruise ships, it was a big change and we did miss people. It is hard because due our work schedules we often miss out on important things happening at home, weddings, reunions ect. It’s not the type of job you can get a weekend off from!
It is hard sometimes but we are lucky because we have each other :-) 

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